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Custom Fabrication

AV Tuning & Development offers all types of custom fabrication pertaining to your aftermarket performance needs. Using industrial Miller Tig and Mig welding equipment, and a complete assortment of metal working machines we have the experience and skills necessary to quickly complete any job our customers or technicians can dream of: Custom turbo kits, custom stainless exhaust systems, suspension components … you name it we can fab it.

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DYNO Tuning

Modern engine management tuning is half science, and half art. We take our time with each calibration, to ensure maximum performance and safety across the entire RPM range. Unlike other dynojets found, we are the only facility to offer the Eddy Current Load Absorption Unit, Torque Cell, and dynamic load control software. With this unit we can perform loaded tests, including step, sweep, and wind drag simulation. What does that mean for you the customer? Better fuel economy, more midrange power, and no hesitation issues since we can hold your engine at a steady load and calibrate any parameter/cell as needed. We offer tuning for a wide array of both piggy back and stand alone engine management services.

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AV Engine Assemblies

AV Tuning & Development takes much pride with their engine assemblies. We have partnered with such reputable companies in the industry such as ERL Performance Inc, Laskey Racing, Benson, PortFlow and CNC Performance to offer provide you with the highest caliber of machine work possible. All engines are assembled in-house and come set with tolerances designed for each specific application. We offer engine builds ranging from simple all motor applications up to 800+ horsepower Forced Induction track monsters.

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’16 Subaru WRX on our Mainline AWD for a Cobb …

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’16 Subaru WRX on our Mainline AWD for a Cobb Pro-Tune in preparation for a track day. Some of the many upgrades include Grimmspeed Stealthbox Intake, Raceseng Lightweight Crank Pulley, RD Engineering Heavers, ETS J-Pipe, ETS Intermediate pipe, Mishimoto FMIC, Mishimoto Oil Cooler, IAG EGR Delete’s, IAG TGV deletes, and the list goes on.


AV Tuning & Development is busier than ever and we …

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AV Tuning & Development is busier than ever and we are opening our doors again for additional staff members so that we can keep up with our high demand.

AV Tuning & Development is currently looking for staff members who share our love of the performance industry, love dealing with high end application builds, and helping our clientele receive the best possible support available in the industry. Prior experience is preferred while also being open-minded to follow our proven method of workflow and ability to learn/adapt.

We operate in a structured but fast paced environment and are looking for team members who believe in working hard, staying on task, and taking pride in what they do at all times.

At this time, we are searching for part-time technicians only with potential to become full time. To keep things organized, we are only accepting applications through on-line submissions. That means no walk-ins, no phone calls, & no emails pertaining to the opening. Period. If you cannot follow these directions then you will not be considered as an applicant.

Please visit the link for more information as well as a detailed job description and let us know why you would be a great fit at AV Tuning & Development.



It’s Subaru week at AV Tuning & Development

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It’s Subaru week at AV Tuning & Development! Speaking of Subaru’s… we are in the works of scheduling a Dyno Day for the Charleston Subaru Club in October. Details to come soon!



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https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1094557460637188&id=373590556067219. Dodge day on our DynoJet w224xLC with Demon Performance