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Dyno Facility

AV’s tuning process…

AV Tuning & Development has always stressed the importance of tuning.  For this reason alone, we proudly offer dyno services utilizing only the best equipment available for our client’s.  Our facility is one of the few that houses 2 dynamometers which are both capable of 2000whp applications.  One being a DynoJet 224xLC and the other is being a Mainline AWD Dyno.

Our dynotuner, Anthony Verma, has specialized in tuning internal combustion engines since 2000.    Unlike other individuals who enter the engine calibration field with little to no educational background, Anthony studied the fundamentals of internal engine combustion through Clemson University’s Mechanical Engineering undergrad program.   While attending Clemson University, he had the opportunity to work with Clemson University’s Formula SAE car calibrating the engine utilizing a MoTec m4 Stand-alone Engine management system.  Over the span of the next 15 years, Anthony has worked with tuning a wide array of applications ranging from daily driven street vehicles to full-blown race applications that make an excess of 1000whp.  In addition to having tuned hundred’s of vehicles, our tuner has been also been certified and trained on many EMS applications.

AV Tuning & Development takes pride in each vehicle we tune and offers package pricing for each EMS/Vehicle application.  Each vehicle that is tuned starts with a one-off calibration that has been prepared from “scratch.”  Some shops simply will upload a “similar calibration”, make a few changes, perform a few wide open throttle pulls, and then send the client on their way.  AV Tuning & Development does not believe in this method and will ensure that all parameters of the vehicle have been optimally calibrated to each specific set-up.  Load based and partial throttle tuning is very important and constantly over-looked by many “tuners” that only tune for wide open throttle pulls via inertia based dyno’s.  Utilizing some of the best equipment available, we are able to tune every parameter and load cells across the vehicle’s entire RPM range to provide the best reliability, power, and fueling economy available.

AV Tuning & Development proudly offers tuning services for a large array of vehicles and engine management systems. If you do not see your EMS and application listed on this site please contact us via email as we are not only limited to the systems listed below.

Supported Engine Management Systems

  • Cobb Access Port (Certified Pro-Tuners)
  • AEM EMS & All other forms of AEM Software
  • Hondata (ALL PLATFORMS – S100b, S200b, S300, K-pro, FlashPro, etc)
  • HP Tuners
  • Haltech
  • Apexi
  • Motec
  • UpRev
  • EcuTek
  • DiabloSport
  • DSMLink
  • NepTune RTP
  • SCT Flash
  • Please contact us if you do not see your application listed

Dyno Facility & Equipment

Dynojet 224xLC 2wd Dynamometer

The DynoJet 224xLC offers the ease of use of an inertia dyno, along with the advanced testing capabilities of an Eddy Current Load Control dyno. The 224xLC Dynamometer features a 24″ knurled, precision balanced drum, Eddy Current Load Absorption Unit, 2000-hp measurement capacity and a max speed of 200 mph. Unlike other dynojets found, we are the only facility to offer the Eddy Current Load Absorption Unit, Torque Cell, and dynamic load control software.  The Dynojet 224xLC can perform load tests including step, wind drag simulation, sweep, and custom road-load profiles in all gears and at any throttle position.

Mainline AWD Dynamometer

For our clientele with AWD set-ups, we also offer tuning for you via Mainline AWD Dynamometer. The underlying, and distinct, difference a Mainline Dyno has over its competitors units is primarily the control and data acquisition system, and the vast amount of available hardware options and software tools, and how these devices interact within the dyno software program to dramatically enhance tuning accuracy and efficiency. The Mainline DynoLog incorperates an automatic weather station for environmental power correction which eliminates an unscrupulous operator from showing a vehicle making more or less power than what was actually measured. The Mainline DynoLog system also incorporates many other advanced features which prevents the operator from entering any data or any correction factors that can influence results like many other AWD systems on the market.

For more information, please visit: www.mainlinedyno.com.au/


If you plan on running Race gas please let AV Tuning & Development know ahead of time if you wish us to supply VP 110 or VP C16.  Please contact us at 843-225-8799 or by email to discuss vehicle specific pricing for tuning or baseline runs. All dyno services operate on an appointment only basis.

We have moved locations as of May 2015.  Most video’s/pictures currently shown were taken at our old location.