Horsepower to the Wheels
ft/lbs of Torque
PSI of Boost

After going for a ride in AV Tuning & Development’s upgraded GTR, Adam quickly decided it was time to upgrade his 2012 GTR. Adam decided that he needed another 100whp in order to keep him happy. AV Tuning & Development fitted Adam’s GTR with upgrades from Cobb and then Pro-Tuned it with the Cobb AccessPort on our Mainline AWD Dyno.

On stock exhaust system, we were able to go above and beyond our client’s goals and make a reliable 585whp/579tq at only 19psi. In the future, our client is looking at upgrading to a full 4” exhaust system and upgraded turbo’s which should put him around 750awhp with stock engine and transmission.


  • Cobb Big SF Intake System
  • Cobb 3” SS Race Downpipes
  • Cobb 3.5” Race Intermediate Y-Pipe


  • ID1000cc Injectors


  • Cobb AccessPort Engine Management System with TCM Flashing