Horsepower to the Wheels
ft/lbs of Torque
PSI of Boost

AV Tuning & Development’s 2010 GTR didn’t stay stock for longer than 1 week upon receiving it.

AV Tuning & Development’s GTR is currently at 685whp/712tq at 21psi on e85. This vehicle is set-up to maintain all luxuries of daily drive ability while being able to cut 2.6s 0-60mph times and high 9’s on the quarter mile on drag radials. But unfortunately for us that’s not good enough for us…

As of 2016, AV Tuning & Development’s GTR is currently in the early phases of building this vehicle to produce 1200-1350awhp.  The first phase will receive our stage 3 shortblock assembly, Fore Innovations Triple Pump, id1700cc injectors, and ETS GT35R turbo kit.  This set-up should produce a reliable 750-800whp on low boost with the only limitation being the stock transmission.

The second phase will feature a fully rebuilt transmission with all new gears and assembly via ShepTrans.  At this point, the vehicle will also receive the ETS Race Intercooler set-up capable of 1500whp.  Once completed, the vehicle will be tuned to a very impressive 1200-1350whp street application.


  • Stock Motor & Turbo’s
  • Cobb Big SF Intake System
  • Custom fabricated 3” downpipes
  • Custom 4” Exhaust system (Tig Welded – Stainless Steel 4” Mandrel Bends)
  • Upgraded 2015 Bellhousing


  • ID1700cc Injectors
  • Dual Walbro 485 Pumps
  • T1 Flex Fuel Set-up
  • E85 gas


  • Cobb AccessPort V3 with TCM Flashing