Horsepower to the Wheels
ft/lbs of Torque
PSI of Boost

Upon purchasing his new 2013 FRS, Christian asked his car salesman what kind of upgrades arepossible with his newly purchased vehicle. Luckily for Christian, his salesman pointed him in our direction and we were able to put together a set-up that suited both his budget and power long term power goals.

In order for Christian to monitor his vehicle, AV Tuning & Development installed all AEM gauges which blended into the stock interior scheme of the vehicle. Turbocharged FRS vehicles are subject to running hot so we made sure the coolant system was upgraded as well as exhaust components covered with DEI Titanium exhaust wrap. The turbocharger also received the DEI turbine blanket which helped to reduce engine bay temperatures drastically. The next provision to keep engine bay temperatures down was a custom fabricated dumptube assembly that dumped below the engine into open atmosphere unlike the majority of kits that dump the exhaust gas into the engine bay.

Tuning was performed via EcuTek at 7.5psi of boost. AV Tuning & Development had the chance to compare this set-up using both stock cat and custom AV Tuning & Development 3” cat-delete. We saw gains of over 40whp/40tq when replacing the very restrictive cat pipe. Final results were a very impressive 282whp/226tq at 7.5psi.


  • Stock Engine
  • Full-Blown FRS Stage 1 Turbo Kit
  • Upgraded GTX28 Turbocharger
  • AV Tuning & Development Dumptube assembly
  • AV Tuning & Development 3” Cat delete pipe
  • Perrin 3” Exhaust System
  • Perrin 2.5” Overpipe


  • FBM 550cc Injectors
  • FBM 270lph Fuel Pump


  • AEM UEGO Wideband 02
  • AEM Boost Gauge
  • AEM Oil Pressure Gauge
  • EcuTek Engine Management System