AV Tuning & Development has specialized in engine management tuning for the last 15 years.  AV Tuning & Development not only believes that tuning is an art but it is also an exact science.  In order to supply our client’s with the best tunes as possible, we have invested in some of the most advanced dynamometer equipment available.  AV Tuning & Development is one of the few shops that offers 2 dynamometers for tuning.  For 2wd applications, we offer the DynoJet 224xLC.  For AWD applications, we proudly offer the Mainline AWD Dynamometer capable of 2000awhp.  We offer tuning for a wide array of Engine Management systems and fuel injected vehicles.

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AV Tuning & Development offers all types of custom fabrication pertaining to your aftermarket performance needs.  We offer both TIG and MIG welding using industrial rated Miller welding equipment and are also equipped with a complete assortment of metal working machines.  We have the experience and skills necessary to quickly complete any job our customers can dream of: Custom turbo kits, custom stainless exhaust systems, suspension components, roll cages … you name it we can fab it.


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AV Tuning & Development is a full-service facility equipped to perform installations of all performance parts.  We operate in a 3,000sq-ft facility and promote having a clean and well-organized shop at all times.  We house both DynoJet 224xLC and Mainline AWD dyno, 2 dedicated lifts for servicing, a dedicated fabrication area, and all tools required for our services offered.  AV Tuning & Development takes on jobs of all sizes and also offers vehicle maintenance, vehicle diagnostics, and general repairs.  Our staff is highly trained and available to offer professional services to ensure that your job is done right the first time.

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AV Tuning & Development takes much pride with their engine assemblies. We have partnered with such reputable companies in the industry such as ERL Performance Inc, Laskey Racing, Benson, PortFlow and T1 Race Development to provide you with the highest caliber of machine work possible. All engines are assembled in-house and come set with tolerances designed for each specific application. We offer engine builds ranging from simple all motor applications up to 1500+ horsepower Forced Induction track monsters.


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Part Sales

AV Tuning & Development is a distributor for many performance companies.  By being direct dealers with many companies we are able to save our clients time as well as money by supplying any or all components that may be needed for their requirements.


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Maintenance, Repair, & Diagnostics

AV Tuning & Development also offers maintenance, repair, and diagnostics in order to keep our clients set-ups running in perfect condition.  From diagnosing a damaged engine sensor to performing scheduled maintenance intervals on your vehicle, AV Tuning & Development’s highly trained staff can provide all of the assistance you require with your vehicle.